About us

INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0 is an important association of engineering and IT companies from (mostly) South Moravian Region (Czech Republic), united to enhance their competitiveness and innovative activities, in particular through the implementation of the “Industry 4.0” concept. The cluster has nearly thirty members.

We inform, join and train.

How is the cluster managed?

INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0, z.s. (reg. no. 04916581) is an association founded in 2016 and is recorded in Czech Trade Registry.

Board of directors:
  • Ing. Tomáš Kubala, MBA – chairman of the board
  • Mgr. Čeněk Absolon, Ph.D. (Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce) – vicechairman
  • Ing. Jan Ohřál (B + R automatizace, spol. s r.o.) – board member
  • Ing. František Podzimek (SIEMENS, s.r.o.) – board member
  • Ing. Miloš Dvořák (Unicorn Systems a.s.) – board member
Dozorčí rada klastru:
  • Ing. Jan Keprda (ASTRA MOTOR spol. s r.o.)
  • Ing. Bronislav Stiskálek (První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s.)
  • Ing. Michal Krempl (Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i.)

Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce was charged to manage and administer cluster projects.

Where do you find us?

You can find our offices in the building of Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, premises of Brno Trade Fairs (Výstaviště 569/3).
GPS: 49.1893847N, 16.5839358E


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Our members

We would like to introduce our member companies, there are more than 2 dozens of them.

Additive Technology and 3D Printing
Augmented Reality
Computer-Aided Design
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance
Human Resources
Identification and Mutual Communication
Intelligent Logistics and Store
Production Machines
Production Monitoring
Production Planning and Management
Quality Management
Robots and Manipulators
Smart Product
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Let us keep in touch!

Would you like to be informed about

our international conference?

Industry 4.0 and its Tools

The below presented figure depicts the basic concepts of Industry 4.0.

Lidské zdroje
and Technical

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Conference BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0 has shown how to digitalize the production. There were experts both from the Czech Republic and abroad

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For the Third Time Brno has Hosted a Conference about Industry 4.0

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