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INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0 is an important association of engineering and IT companies from (mostly) South Moravian Region (Czech Republic), united to enhance their competitiveness and innovative activities, in particular through the implementation of the “Industry 4.0” concept. The cluster has nearly thirty members.

We inform, join and train.

How is the cluster managed?

INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0, z.s. (reg. no. 04916581) is an association founded in 2016 and is recorded in Czech Trade Registry.

Board of directors:
  • Ing. Tomáš Kubala, MBA – chairman of the board
  • Mgr. Čeněk Absolon, Ph.D. (Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce) – vicechairman
  • Ing. Karel Bílek (B + R automatizace, spol. s r.o.) – board member
  • Ing. František Podzimek (SIEMENS, s.r.o.) – board member
  • Ing. Miloš Dvořák (Unicorn Systems a.s.) – board member
Dozorčí rada klastru:
  • Ing. Jan Keprda (ASTRA MOTOR spol. s r.o.)
  • Ing. Bronislav Stiskálek (První brněnská strojírna Velká Bíteš, a.s.)
  • Ing. Michal Krempl (Centrum dopravního výzkumu, v.v.i.)

Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce was charged to manage and administer cluster projects.

Where do you find us?

You can find our offices in the building of Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce, premises of Brno Trade Fairs (Výstaviště 569/3).
GPS: 49.1893847N, 16.5839358E

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Our members

We would like to introduce our member companies, there are more than 2 dozens of them.

Additive Technology and 3D Printing
Augmented Reality
Computer-Aided Design + Digital Twin
Consultancy company
Cyber Security
Data Analytics
Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance
Human Resources
Identification and Mutual Communication
Intelligent Logistics and Store
Production company
Production Machines
Production Monitoring
Production Planning and Management
Quality Management
Robots and Manipulators
Smart Product
Technological company

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Industry 4.0 and its Tools

The below presented figure depicts the basic concepts of Industry 4.0.

Lidské zdroje
and Technical

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Coming events

Invitations to coming events

BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0 | 2023

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7th edition of the international B2B conference about production digitalization and smart technologies for industry

The programme will be updated here.

And what can you look forward to?

  • Discussion panels with experts and inspiring people (technology, digital success stories)
  • Expert speaches on technologies and their practical implementations
  • Contacts and B2B meetings

Discover the 4 aspects of modern manufacturing

Digitalization | Flexibility | New Technologies | Security

  • flexible production and advanced automation,
  • digitization of production management & best practices
  • Data analytics and its use for production optimization
  • Case studies in small, medium and large companies
  • CyberSecurity 4 Industry
  • Networking – pre-arranged B2B meetings

Take the advantage and meet the speakers and other participants face to face and enjoy also an informal networking.

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Passed events

Digitalization Viewed from Different Angels

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Digitalization viewed from different angels can be four words summarizing the 6th conference BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0, which took place at 19th and 20th January 2022. For the second time already, the conference had to take place in a safe online environment.

The first conference day consisted of two panel discussions: Technologies for Modern Production and Digitalization: Success Stories of Companies. The other day was focused on four aspects of modern production: digitalization, flexibility, safety and new technologies.

Panel discussions were watched by over than 200 spectators, each of the specialized sections had the viewership around one hundred. It can be assumed that the number of views will increase as the conference record is available (in Czech). The conference was organized by INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0 and their members, the conference was financed from the budget of Southmoravian region.

Specialized conference was supplemented by a two-day matchmaking event, during which over 60 meetings took place. Some meetings were postponed to other days. The networking part was organized by Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and Enterprise Europe Network. The brokerage event was financed from the European Union‘s Single Market Program under grant agreement No101052765 and by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

Brno, 21st January 2022
Lenka Votavová, INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0

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The driving force behind the implementation of Industry 4.0 is an attempt to survive

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The fifth year of the event BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0, which was as usual organised by INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0, Brno Regional Chamber of Commerce and partners from the Enterprise Europe Network, was held in a virtual space this year 16 and 17 March 2021 and provided a synergetic combination of an international conference and a co-operation exchange.

“This year the epidemic has driven us into the on-line space, for which reason we expect participation greater than the capacity at a physical event would allow. We now know that the morning’s plenary section was followed by more than 300 participants and the afternoon’s parallel sections by an average of 150 participants. We expect this to increase by around 50 % when those watching the recorded lectures are taken into account. There is still great demand for information about Industry 4.0,” says Radek Kopecký, principal conference organiser for INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0.

The morning section of the conference featured speeches by foreign lecturers from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands. One of these speakers, Peter van Harten from the Netherlands (Smart Industry Ambassador), expressed his admiration of the Czech Republic for managing to sustain its aviation industry. He stated the example of the Dutch airplane manufacturer Fokker falling behind the times, leading to it losing its competitive battle with Airbus. Peter van Harten called on Czech businesses to keep step with the times, to keep innovating, and to remain competitive even in these turbulent times.

A panel discussion at which representatives of purely Czech companies met up followed the trade lectures in the plenary section. Brno’s ASTRA MOTOR s.r.o. represented a small company of the family type, while the South Moravian company STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, spol. s r.o. represented a medium-sized company and the Central Bohemian company BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. represented a large company.

“The driving force behind digitalisation is an attempt to survive. People find digitalisation hard to understand, however, and it is a manager’s task to explain it properly to their staff,” admitted Jan Keprda, company director at ASTRA MOTOR s.r.o. He went on to say that, “I was surprised how the older experienced people approached this. After overcoming their initial aversion, the older members of staff became the driving force behind the entire digitalisation process. They wanted to show that they are not so old that they cannot deal with it. Our old matadors are the valued crew of our ship that is sailing towards digitalisation.”

Alena Lubasová, director of the company STROJÍRNA OSLAVANY, spol. s r.o. echoed his thoughts. “Once you decide to digitalise, there’s no going back. And it’s not possible for half the firm to be digitalised and the other half not. It’s important to motivate people. He who would give light must endure burning. The challenge is to convince people who have been at the company for thirty years, but even they must understand that if they put the brakes on they will just spoil it for everyone.”

“It was a revolution when I introduced a time-clock system to replace punching in with time cards shortly after I joined the company. It took someone new to push it through,” said Zdenko Piovarči from the company BENEŠ a LÁT a.s. about the introduction of changes, and added, “I see the future first and foremost in artificial intelligence and associated data analytics.”

The conference, which was held with the financial support of the South Moravian Region, split into four parallel sections in the afternoon (Digital Production, Flexible Production, Cybersecurity and Technology of the Future), with each section comprised of five lectures.

Tomáš Halva, director of the company BECKHOFF Automation s.r.o., expressed his satisfaction with the event. “I would like to offer you my great thanks for organising this year’s Brno Industry 4.0 conference. It was one of the few opportunities to absorb the current situation and the trends in the digitalisation and automation of industry. The participation of three hundred people exceeded all my expectations. I got the feeling that I was at a highly professional event of global rather than merely local importance. I really wanted to offer you my sincere thanks. It was great.”

The conference was followed the next day by networking prepared in advance – on-line talks held in the form of video calls as part of the activities of the Enterprise Europe Network. More than 150 meetings took place, of which half were international meetings. Those taking part also took advantage of the opportunity of arranging meetings with the lecturers and with subsidy experts who provided consultation on current calls for subsidy proposals.

Drawn up by INDUSTRY CLUSTER 4.0
Brno, 29 March 2021

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Conference BRNO INDUSTRY 4.0 has shown how to digitalize the production. There were experts both from the Czech Republic and abroad

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For the Third Time Brno has Hosted a Conference about Industry 4.0

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